walletd is the flagship Sia wallet, suitable for miners, exchanges, and everyday hodlers. Its client-server architecture gives you the flexibility to access your funds from anywhere, on any device, without compromising the security of your private keys. The server is agnostic, so you can derive those keys from a 12-word seed phrase, a legacy (siad) 28-word phrase, a Ledger hardware wallet, or another preferred method. Like other Foundation node software, walletd ships with a slick embedded UI, but developers can easily build headless integrations leveraging its powerful JSON API. Whether you're using a single address or millions, walletd scales to your needs.

Download walletd software
Seed, watch, & ledger
Send & receive Siacoin
Generate addresses
Multi-walletSeed, watch, & ledgerSend & receive SiacoinConfigurationGenerate addresses

Technical tutorials for new developers looking to build on Sia.

Technical deep-dives from the core team and the ecosystem of developers building technology on top of Sia.

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