Sia - Grants

The Sia Foundation welcomes contributors from all over the world to come and build on Sia through our Grants program. Our goal for this program is to fund research, development, developer tools, and anything else that will support and further our mission of user-owned data while enriching the Sia ecosystem.

The Grant Process

The following section outlines the proposal requirements, the proposal process, and evaluation criteria for the Sia grant program. Read on to get started on your own grant application.

Proposal Requirements
  1. Name of organization or individual and project name.

  2. Purpose of the grant: who benefits and how the project will serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data.

  3. Code contributions must be open source.

  4. Timeline with measurable objectives and goals.

  5. Any potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project.

  6. Budget and justification.

  7. Reporting requirements: Progress reports to the foundation/committee and to the community.

Proposal Process
  1. Create a proposal with the above requirements in mind.

  2. Open discussion will ensue in the comment section from the community.

  3. The Grant Committee convenes every two weeks to review the following:

    1. New proposals, to accept, reject, or request more info.

    2. Existing grants, to assess their progress.

    3. Newly completed grants, to review their outcomes.

Scoring Rubric

All proposals are reviewed by the Grant Committee. When evaluating a grant proposal, the Committee considers the following factors while utilizing a scoring matrix to ensure a thorough vetting process.

  1. In line with Foundation’s mission: Does the proposal address a recognized need in the decentralized cloud storage community? Is the need consistent with The Sia Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?

  2. Community Impact: Will the project provide a meaningful volume of services and/or people served in the decentralized cloud storage community (in particular the Sia community)?

  3. Goals, Objectives & Outcome: Are there clear goals and objectives written? Are measurable outcomes evident?

  4. Deliverable: How well does the individual/organization demonstrate the ability to deliver and measure proposed outcomes?

  5. Risks and Technical Feasibility: Is the risk reasonable for the timeline provided? Please be thoughtful if the risk is high enough to impact the outcome of the project.

  6. Budget Justification: How well does the applicant justify the budget?

Grant Committee
  1. Luke (Sia Foundation)

  2. Nate (Sia Foundation)

  3. Chris (Skynet Labs)

  4. Manasi (Skynet Labs)

  5. Mike76 (Sia community)

  6. Redsolver (Sia community)

Interested in a grant but have questions?

If you’re interested but have questions or need help submitting your grant feel free to join the discord server and hop in the #grants-program channel to chat with Kino, Frances, and the committee members. This channel provides a space to ask questions, discuss the grant program, share ideas, provide feedback, and collaborate with community members.

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Sia is a thriving ecosystem of open source software, layer 2 networks, and commercial data storage platforms. Apply for a Sia grant and start contributing.


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Get started on your grant proposal

The Sia Foundation looks forward to funding your open source research and development projects.

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