Offer your storage space on the Sia network.

Download hostd softwareSystem requirements: quad-core processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD for consensus data, 4TB HDD for stored data
Desktop application
Download the full-featured desktop app for Windows, macOS, or Linux.
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Terminal application
Download the powerful CLI-based daemon for Windows, macOS, or Linux.
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Official software, developed by the Sia Foundation.


A next-generation Sia host, developed by the Sia Foundation. Built for performance and reliability.

Screenshot of hostd
Setup guide for hostd

Learn how to become a host and offer storage on the Sia network using hostd.

Third-party software and services, developed by the community.

renterd alerts bot

A Telegram bot (or any other messaging service) that forwards any urgent renterd or hostd alerts from the Alerts API.

Screenshot of renterd alerts bot
hostd metrics Prometheus exporter

Prometheus is a monitoring system for metrics and alerting. The hostd-prometheus-exporter integrates Prometheus with hostd’s extensive metrics.

Screenshot of hostd metrics Prometheus exporter
hostd metrics Grafana dashboard

Grafana is a widely adopted open source analytics & monitoring solution. Set up a hostd metrics dashboard with the Prometheus exporter and this dashboard file.

Screenshot of hostd metrics Grafana dashboard
Host Browser

The Sia Central Host Browser lets you explore and filter Sia hosts by a variety of criteria.
Screenshot of Host Browser
Host Troubleshoot Tool

The Sia Central Host Troubleshoot Tool lets you troubleshoot issues with your Sia host.
Screenshot of Host Troubleshoot Tool

Third-party hosting software that the Sia Foundation and community would love to see built.

Benchmarking Tools

With the recent release of hostd, the Sia Foundation would like to see the community get creative and build new benchmarking and scoring tools. Interested in building a benchmarking tool for Sia? Apply for a Grant!

Screenshot of Benchmarking Tools
Host Monitoring Tools

Running a host requires good stability and uptime, it would be useful to have monitoring tools that track status and alerting tools that send email or SMS notifications when a node goes offline. Interested in building a monitoring tool for hostd? Apply for a Grant!

Screenshot of Host Monitoring Tools

Tutorials on how to get started hosting and how to use Sia with other common software.

Learn how to offer storage space on the Sia network's storage marketplace
Setup a new host on Linux
Setup a new host on macOS
Setup a new host on Windows

Technical deep-dives from the core team and the ecosystem of developers building technology on top of Sia.

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Sia 101

Learn how the Sia protocol works to power redundant, decentralized, data storage.