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renterd is a next-generation Sia renter, developed by the Sia Foundation. It aims to serve the needs of both everyday users — who want a simple interface for storing and retrieving their personal data — and developers — who want a powerful, flexible, and reliable API for building apps on Sia.

Pre-release source code.
The first official release is coming soon.
Coming soon
Manage your storage with a powerful user interface

Manage your files, contracts, hosts, and blockchain node with an intuitive interface. The embedded interface can be accessed with your web browser.

Smart defaults for the everyday user

renterd comes with a built-in "autopilot" that handles host selection, contract management, and file repair. Want more control? Just disable it with --autopilot=false, and use the renterd HTTP API to implement custom maintenance logic in your favorite language.

Modular APIs that give developers more control

We've designed a brand-new API for renting that offers both power and performance. Form contracts, transfer data, and manage your files with clean and consistent JSON-speaking endpoints. renterd can even scale horizontally: in --stateless mode, it provides raw access to the Sia renter-host protocol, with no UI, no blockchain, and no disk I/O — perfect for massive renting operations.

Example: Build a contract formation transaction.

Example: Upload a file.

Download renterd
Pre-release source code.
The first official release is coming soon.
Learn more about renterd

Join the Sia Discord to chat with the team and community about renterd development, features, use-cases, bugs, and more.

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