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The Sia Foundation

The Foundation maintains, supports, promotes, and conducts research for the Sia network.


Sia began its life as a startup, which means it has always been subjected to two competing forces: the ideals of its founders, and the profit motive inherent to all businesses. Its founders have taken great pains to never compromise on the former, but this often threatened the company's financial viability. With the establishment of the Sia Foundation, this tension is resolved. The Foundation, freed of the obligation to generate profit, is a pure embodiment of the ideals from which Sia originally sprung.

The goals and responsibilities of the Foundation are numerous: to maintain core Sia protocols and consensus code; to support developers building on top of Sia and its protocols; to promote Sia and facilitate partnerships in other spheres and communities; to ensure that users can easily acquire and safely store siacoins; to develop network scalability solutions; to implement hardforks and lead the community through them; and much more. In a broader sense, its mission is to commoditize data storage, making it cheap, ubiquitous, and accessible to all, without compromising privacy or performance.


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The Sia Team

LukePresident & Core Developer
NateCore Developer
ChrisCore Developer
FrancesDirector of Operations
KinoCommunity Manager
AlexProduct Engineer
SteveDirector of People and Support
Josh CincinattiAdvisor
James PrestwichAdvisor

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Stewardship of the decentralized storage protocol will be transferred to the Sia Foundation

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